Richard Cook Photography

Cosplay Photography

  1. the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, 
  2. especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or animé or the characters from the American DC or Marvel comics
A new service from me and one inspired by a recent shoot for a customer who wanted Cosplay pictures and couldn't find anybody locally.  
As a result, I felt that there must be a demand for the style and I am happily able to offer it as part of my packages.

The packages and prices are the same as the Boudoir/Glamour shoots and all information for that is on the General Prices page. 

Photographing Cosplay is really part of the practice itself, capturing as it does, the very essence of the fantasy world that is Cosplay.

Pictures can, as before, be taken in the studio with your own props or if you are particularly adventurous, how about a location shot in an area befitting of the outfit?

Featured Customer: Chloe as 
Huntress, Ironwoman and Wonderwoman

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