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Passports and Visas

Passport and Visa Photographs

Often overlooked as a professional photography requirement but nevertheless important if you require exact sizes and regulation posing and lighting

We can produce passport photographs on a same day service basis in various formats to suit different country requirements. Standard UK/European images are produced as well as USA/India and other domains such as Canada and all are available at £15 per person.  Please note that it takes around 1/2 hour to set up the passport lighting, so please call us at least an hour, before you wish to come along for your picture.

Please scroll down for images and examples of formats

UK and Europe Passport Pictures by Richard Cook Photography, Sittingbourne

UK and European Passport Pictures (Except Republic of Ireland - See below)

Republic of Ireland
(as standard European but Black and White specified)

US passport pictures by Richard Cook Photography, Sittingbourne

 USA, India and other Dominions

Canada and Associated Dominions 

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